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Three-year study sees success in reversing symptoms of metabolic syndrome

TORONTO, ON – A three-year study published in CMAJ Open has concluded that metabolic syndrome (MetS) may be reversed through participation in a team-based lifestyle intervention program including diet and exercise changes. Metabolic syndrome is a clinical, silent condition first discovered by a family physician during routine checkup.

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CHANGE Program visionary presents at Canadian Nutrition Society conference

Toronto | On January 14, 2016 internationally recognized Gastroenterologist Dr. Khursheed Jeejeebhoy introduced Canadian nutrition experts to a new approach to treating and reversing metabolic syndrome at a Toronto conference.

CHANGE Toronto Team

3 Clinics Recognized for Successful First Phase of CHANGE Program

Toronto | On April 28, 2015, at Metabolic Syndrome Canada's annual stakeholder meeting, Dr. Khush Jeejeebhoy formally recognized the first three clinics to successfully implement the CHANGE Program.