CHANGE Nutrition toolkit presented at sold out webinar

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On September 12, 2019, Rupinder Dhaliwal, Director of Operations, Metabolic Syndrome Canada, and Carolyn Tereszkowski Registered Dietitian, Loyalist FHT presented the NU-CHANGE toolkit at a sold-out Nutrition Connections Webinar. 

The NU-CHANGE toolkit (NUtrition Toolkit for CHANGE) includes recipes, videos, tips, and fact sheets to help people make lifestyle changes based on the latest evidence and their specific health goals. It was created by the team at Metabolic Syndrome Canada by building on work from Dr. Paula Brauer’s team at the University of Guelph, feedback from the CHANGE registered dietitians, and funding from the Helderleigh Foundation.

More than 80% attendees that responded to a survey indicated that they were either likely, very likely, or extremely likely to use the resources shown in the webinar.

A number of the resources are available to the public here.