Research on Metabolic Syndrome

Metabolic Syndrome Canada is pleased to announce their study demonstrating metabolic syndrome (MetS) may be reversed through participation in a team-based lifestyle intervention program including diet and exercise changes is now published in CMAJ OpenClick here to access a PDF summary of the study.

Here is a link to our other published papers:

Impact of a multidisciplinary intervention on physical fitness, physical activity habits and the association between aerobic fitness and components of metabolic syndrome in adults diagnosed with metabolic syndrome. Click here for PDF version.

Nutrient intake and dietary quality changes within a personalized lifestyle intervention program for metabolic sydnrome in primary care. Click here for pdf version.

Variants in APOA5 and ADIPOQ Moderate Improvements in Metabolic Syndrome during a One-Year Lifestyle Intervention

Patient experiences of a lifestyle program for metabolic syndrome offered in family medicine clinics

Lifestyle genomics and the metabolic syndrome: A review of genetic variants that influence response to diet and exercise interventions

The CHANGE Program: Exercise Intervention in Primary Care. Click here to access a PDF version of the study.

Development of a Dietary Management Care Map for Metabolic Syndrome. Click here to access a PDF version of the study.

Metabolic syndrome and weight management programs in primary care: a comparison of three international healthcare systems. Click here to access a PDF version of the study.

Health professionals and researchers at Metabolic Syndrome Canada developed the CHANGE Program based on the best evidence from medical research. Below is an up-to-date collection of other studies related to metabolic syndrome published in leading journals, from the impact of diet and exercise to genetic determinants.