CHANGE Program expands in Ontario

Ontario clinics offering the CHANGE ProgramThe number of Family Health Teams offering the CHANGE Program in Ontario continues to increase. With the help of funding from the Ontario Trillium Foundation, registered kinesiologists are working with the family health teams to improve the quantity and quality of physical activity of their patients and to encourage the adoption of healthy eating patterns to reduce the risk of chronic diseases.

This is what some of the participants say about the CHANGE Program and the team

 “The staff were excellent in their guidance and encouragement. This program has made me much more aware of the importance of healthy eating and exercise which makes for a healthier me.”

“I like the personalized approach of the team as when I go to a gym it is always about what financial gains can be accomplished. This team really worked together and made me feel whole and realize that this is really for my good benefit”.

We strongly recommend friends to join this program. Friends have commented that they are seeing great changes in us. The blood test also shows the improved results. We have told them to talk to their family doctor to get into the program.”                                      

"I am more active without making myself ill; stronger and able to withstand longer duration for the most part”

“Keep up the great work! This program should be made more accessible through more advertising and more support. We NEED this kind of service to help us reduce costs in our healthcare and lower our health issues. 

This is what some of the Family Health Team staff are saying 

” Having the opportunity to work with a Registered Kinesiologist provides me with a safe and credible resource to help patients increase their knowledge and capacity for physical activity. By running the CHANGE program together, we are delivering well rounded lifestyle education, with a hands-on opportunity for patients to practice physical activity each week. This helps patients to overcome the barriers of cost, lack of knowledge, and opportunity for exercise. Patients who have physical barriers such as a bad back, knee replacements, or previous injuries can be counselled by the Registered Kinesiologist in strategies to practice physical activity without causing themselves harm and may even be able to improve their chronic pain management. The Registered Kinesiologist is a valuable resource without which I would not be able to run medical lifestyle intervention at the clinic or engage my patients in physical activity so effectively.”

-Registered Dietitian, Loyalist FHT 2019 

“Having an exercise expert support participants in increasing their exercise and overcoming their barriers to maintaining a regular exercise routine is so valuable. It’s very empowering for CHANGE participants to see even small improvements in their fitness tests and exercise tolerance at the 3-month point in the program, and that keeps them motivated to continue to build on their activity level. This is especially true for people who are new to exercise or who have pain or injuries that have made them hesitant to start back to any form or regular exercise program.”

-Nurse Practitioner and Registered Dietitian, Brockton and Area FHT July 2019 

We are excited about all of our new partners and having the CHANGE Program offered in more locations in Ontario. Contact us for more information.