CHANGE Program available at YMCA in Brampton, ON

CHANGE Program launch at YMCA Brampton,ONWith the assistance of a grant received by the Ontario Trillium Foundation, Metabolic Syndrome Canada has partnered with the YMCA to foster active lifestyles in the Halton-Peel area.

The CHANGE Program is currently being offered at Family Health Teams in the Halton Peel area,  with some of the physical fitness elements of the program being carried out in local clinics. This partnership with the Brampton YMCA will allow participants of the program to also use a community-based exercise facility as they work on making long term changes towards a more active lifestyle. 

Creating incentives to promote active lifestyle for current and future CHANGE Program participants at the Brampton YMCA will lead to more access for participants and in turn increase their levels of physical activity.

With the ongoing support from our community partnerships and the Ontario Trillium Foundation, MetSC has been able to create incentives to promote an active lifestyle for residents of Halton-Peel. This is beginning to have a ripple effect, influencing policies around active lifestyles at local and national levels and making Canadians healthier.