Paula Brauer and Dawna Royall present at the International Congress of Dietetics

logoOn September 9, 2016, Dr. Paula Brauer, RD, FDC, and Dawna Royall MSc, RD, University fo Guelph who were instrumental in developing the nutrition portion of the CHANGE program, shared a scientific poster titled "Clinical Diet Counselling for Metabolic Syndrome in Canadian Primary Care” with the International Congress of Dietetics audience in Granada, Spain. The poster documents dietitian activities and the diet quality changes in the CHANGE program feasibility study over three months.

In addition, Brauer presented an overview on dietetic counselling for metabolic syndrome, as well as insights on the diet changes achieved in subgroups defined by initial cardiovascular risk and diet quality in the CHANGE project. Those with initially poor diets had the most benefit from diet counselling. This roundtable presentation, titled “Dietetic Practice for Prediabetes/ Metabolic Syndrome in Primary Care” encouraged dietitians to further develop effective diet interventions for Metabolic Syndrome across the world.