In addition to these recipes take a look at our Kitchen Hacks Video for useful tips on how to make healthy food taste great.

We have developed these recipes in partnership with George Brown College’s Food Innovation and Research Studio (FIRSt) through a grant from the Helderleigh Foundation.

These recipes and videos were developed primarily for use by people making lifestyle changes to prevent chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. These recipes are designed to use familiar ingredients, be relatively low cost, and have a preparation time of 30 minutes or less. They are also focused on the key elements of the Mediterranean diet, with a few changes for Canada.

Registered Dietitians and their patients who are undergoing lifestyle change for similar issues may also find the recipes and videos useful in various types of chronic disease prevention programs.

Dietitians may find that these 13 short and simple recipes and 8 videos, each less than 2 minutes long, can inspire their clients to learn new skills and try new recipes. Eight recipes have accompanying video directions, with one extra video on easy kitchen tricks or “hacks” that can be adapted to their own recipes. The videos may be shown in individual education and counselling sessions, group sessions, or be provided to individuals to try on their own.

Learn more about how we selected and developed these recipes.