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The health care system is struggling to cope with the all-too-common underlying conditions of metabolic syndrome (MetS). The impact on our families, health care funding and businesses is severe and expected to grow worse.

At Metabolic Syndrome Canada, we are advancing a new approach to helping Canadians pursue healthier lives. Our vision is to make the CHANGE Program widely available at family medicine clinics throughout Canada, giving doctors the tools they need to help patients achieve lasting lifestyle change through diet and exercise.

But we need your help.

Funding Options Available

Metaboblic Syndrome Canada offers two types of partnership options.

  1. Financial Founding Partners provide financial support to the program through a variety of funding options:
    • Establish a founding practice facility in or near your organization that will support the CHANGE Program’s medical monitoring and exercise programs
    • Contribute funding for spreading the word and building adoption of the CHANGE Program and its long-term health benefits
  2. Partner Organizations share funding and resources to support the CHANGE Program in achieving mutual goals.

Branding opportunities will be available to all our Financial Founding Partners and Partner Organizations, based on their level of contribution:

  • Brand promotion at medical practices that adopt the CHANGE Program
  • Brand promotion on CHANGE Program communication platforms, including websites for patients and healthcare practitioners
  • Brand promotion on mobile application used by patients and their medical team as part of the CHANGE Program

In all cases, Founding Partners will benefit from working together toward our common goals.

Leave a lasting impact on Canadian health. Join the CHANGE movement.

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