Metabolic Syndrome Canada Researchers at Canadian Nutrition Society’s Annual Conference May 2019

MetSC researchers presents at CNS Conference 2019

Dr. Paula Brauer, PhD RD FDC, University of Guelph and Rupinder Dhaliwal, RD FDC,Metabolic Syndrome Canada presented their work on the Development of an Innovative Nutrition Toolkit (NU-CHANGE) for personalized diet intervention in metabolic syndrome. This toolkit will assist Canadians with metabolic syndrome in making healthy choices and reduce their risk of chronic disease.  The toolkit's development was funded by Helderleigh Foundation. Click here published abstract in Applied Physiology, Nutrition and Metabolism. 


Click here for abstract published in Applied Physiology, Nutrition and Metabolism Dana Lowry MSc. Candidate at the University of Guelph presented a poster on Establishing a model to predict long term success in the CHANGE Program for Canadians with metabolic syndrome. This work provides a potentially promising tool to predict an individual’s response to diet and exercise and needs to be tested in other populations.