Learning new ways to be healthy — together

My partner and I were both diagnosed with metabolic syndrome in 2013 by our doctors. Each of us approached the CHANGE Program a little differently. At first my partner, who is a truck driver and 48 years old at the time, wanted to lose weight, as well as find out how he could improve his hypertension. But by the end of the 12-month program, he recognized that the benefits of better nutrition and more physical activity go beyond that. He now has a different understanding of how to assess his health, that decreasing his blood pressure, blood sugars, waist circumference are better parameters of good health.  The CHANGE Program also alleviated his persistent musculoskeletal pain. 

As for me, I was 43 years old. I wanted to have more energy for my family and my work as a Sales Coordinator, and really to understand more about good nutrition. With CHANGE, I learned how to read food product labels and make healthy choices without trying to stick to a restrictive diet. That was the big difference with the CHANGE program for us. The goal was not to just lose weight but to be in good health by eating well through making better nutritional choices and doing regular physical activity that we like. We even took up snowshoeing this past winter!

It is a great experience to live the CHANGE Program as a couple. It has been challenging and motivating to modify our lifestyles together.