Update: CHANGE Program in Halton-Peel Family Health Teams

 A total of 398 participants with metabolic syndrome from five family health teams in the Halton-Peel area have been enrolled in the CHANGE Program since spring 2018.

Ontario Trillium Foundation logoFamily doctors, nurse practitioners and registered dietitians from North Peel Regional Family Health Team, Queen Square Family Health Team, Wise Elephant Family Health Team, Central Brampton Family Health Team and  Halton Hills Family Health Teams are referring patients from their clinics to this 12-month individualized diet and exercise program.  With the help of funding from the Ontario Trillium Foundation, experienced registered kinesiologists are working with the family health teams to improve the quantity, quality of physical activity of their patients and to encourage the adoption of healthy eating patterns to reduce the risk of chronic diseases.

While the pandemic caused the in-person programming to be suspended, many participants and their coaches continued through virtual sessions over zoom and telephone to complete the program. Results were fantastic and over 80% of participants were confident they would continue with their lifestyle changes going forward.

This is what some of the participants of the program in Brampton have said:

“Exercise routines are great. Learned quite a bit from the presentations. Lots of great reminders about food. Overall, very impressed. Always looked forward to the sessions. Email updates are extremely helpful.”

“The information that I am learning about exercise has been so helpful to help me begin a regular exercise routine. Before the CHANGE Program I would go for regular walks, but I didn't realize that I was missing so much until I started doing regular strength training.”

“Before the CHANGE program I always had pain in my left shoulder. Everyday tasks would irritate and bother me but since attending the weekly exercise classes I haven't even noticed my shoulder pain. “

“It's been 3 months since I started the program, because of the help I got from the program, I have more energy and have been able to make positive changes in my life.”

“A year ago, I had a very hard time getting my winter tires in and out of my truck, when I went to change my winter tires this year I realized how much easier it was to lift and move them! That was the moment I realized that what we have been doing every week is really making a difference.”

“ I definitely have noticed an improvement in strength these past 3 months. Even doing chores around the house has become easier.” 

"The CHANGE Program has helped me think in terms of my overall healthy- physical, emotional and mental and also with a conscious effort to change my portions and choices"

“I would definitely recommend the CHANGE program to a friend and is helpful for me. Some of my friends are already commenting on the changes they seen in me.”

“I was able to lose 16 lbs in 3 months by just watching what I eat and doing regular exercise. I did not miss any session for the 3 months”

“I changed my diet completely after joining the CHANGE program, no one else in my life was able to influence me this much before I joined this program.”

“My diabetes medication dose is cut in half in 3 months by doing more exercise and watching what I eat, I wonder why my doctor did not explain to me this before.”

This is what the lead Registered Kinesiologist has to say about the program:

CHANGE Program patient and team"I have been recording the participant's physical activity levels in the program and 3 months after starting the program, the number of participants that have low-level physical activity levels at baseline has decreased (from 70% to 43%). I have also noticed that they feel more confident in doing vigorous activity on their own.” Debbie Valadao, Registered Kinesiologist, CHANGE Program, January 2019

 “It's great to be part of such a proactive initiative in healthcare. I decided to become a Registered Kinesiologist because I knew that there was a void in the healthcare system when it comes to preventing and managing chronic diseases with exercise. Through the CHANGE Program I have been able to work with more than 80 individuals with metabolic syndrome and other health issues. Seeing these individuals progress through the program has been truly rewarding as I am able to see a change in many aspects of their fitness, health, mood and attitude towards exercise and healthy eating. I particularly enjoy seeing the change in participants' confidence levels as they discover that they are capable of much more than they originally thought.” - Debbie Valadao, Registered Kinesiologist, CHANGE Program, January 2019

The Halton-Peel expansion of the CHANGE Program is being funded by the Ontario Trillium Foundation.