Metabolic Syndrome Canada has a growing network of partners including stakeholders, decision makers, health professionals and patients. We are supported by several organizations committed to the better health of Canadians through innovation in the delivery of health care.

Prevention in Hand - The College of Family Physicians of Canada

A workshop on the CHANGE program has been approved by the College of Family Physicians of Canada for CME accreditation.

Canadian Nutrition Society/la Société canadienne de nutrition (CNS/SCN)

Canadian Nutrition Society/la Société canadienne de nutrition (CNS/SCN) is the leading society integrating disciplines and professions interested in nutrition. It promotes nutrition science and education, and advocates for the application of best practice and policies for the promotion of health and the prevention and treatment of disease.

The Helderleigh Foundation

The Helderleigh Foundation collaborates with leading organizations to support research, networks, training, resources and to advance policy in order to improve the health and wellbeing of Canadians through food literacy..

CHANGE Alberta

Our provincial organization studying and implementing the CHANGE Program in Alberta, in conjunction with the University of Alberta and its demonstration site, the Edmonton Oliver Primary Care Network.

CHANGE British Columbia

Our provincial organization studying and implementing the CHANGE Program in British Columbia, in conjunction with the Pacific Northwest Division of Family Practice and the University of British Columbia.

GMF-UMF Laval-Québec

Affiliated with Université Laval, the family medicine clinic offers access to health professionals from the disciplines of family medicine, pharmacy, nursing, social work, psychology and clinical nutrition.

Clinical Evaluation Research Unit

Affiliated with Queens University in Kingston, Ontario, the CERU research team is a group of individuals with specialized skills and expertise spanning the administrative, study management and data management arms of our research program.

University of Guelph

The CHANGE Program’s unique Dietary Care Map was developed by in the Department of Family Relations and Applied Nutrition, while the Department of Human Health & Nutritional Sciences manages the Genetics analysis component of the feasibility study.

Polyclinic Family and Specialty Medicine Facility

A multidisciplinary health care centre in North York, Ontario, Polyclinic provides patients with a wide range of medical and diagnostic services by highly regarded medical professionals.

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