We're pleased to announce that a three-year study published in CMAJ Open has concluded that metabolic syndrome (MetS) may be reversed through participation in a team-based lifestyle intervention program including diet and exercise changes. Metabolic syndrome is a clinical, silent condition first discovered by a family physician during routine checkup. Almost 20% of Canadians have this condition and don't know it.

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The Edmonton Oliver Primary Care Network (EOPCN) latest innovation in chronic disease management came in their unique implementation of the CHANGE Program. With the goal of reversing metabolic syndrome and preventing related chronic illnesses in mind, the EOPCN is offering one-on-one and group coaching from a team of medical professionals in conjunction with inventive resource management and a new approach to progress tracking for patients.

The recent CNS-SCN thematic meeting in Toronto was a great opportunity to hear about some of the latest research into metabolic syndrome, and learn how different approaches to nutrition can address it.