July 2016 Update


The national CHANGE study
We are in the process of submitting the results of our feasibility study on three primary care networks across Canada to a scientific journal. The preliminary results show a significant improvement in metabolic syndrome and patient outcomes, and we look forward to sharing the entire results when the publication is accepted in a scientific journal. Stay tuned for more updates on our website.


Crossing the barrier to sustainability
After just over two years of offering the CHANGE Program to patients, we are thrilled to announce that the Edmonton Oliver Clinic has evolved the program to be financially self-sustaining and will continue to enroll 25 patients quarterly.

Expansion in Alberta
We're excited to support Dr. Doug Klein in the expansion of the CHANGE Program in a research study beginning this summer that involves 16 primary care networks across Alberta. 

Recruiting new clinics

We're looking for new family health teams and clinics who meet the following criteria to adopt the CHANGE Program:
  • Family MD and team dedicated to preventing the onset of chronic diseases in patients through diet and exercise
  • Registered dietitian for your clinic
  • Kinesiologist/physiotherapist/exercise specialist for your clinic
  • Willingness to adopt CHANGE program without alterations to key elements of the program


Note: CHANGE Program tools are only available to family medicine clinics offering the program. Get in touch if you're interested in adopting the program! If you're an individual interested in the CHANGE Program, but it's not offered in your area, refer your doctor to our website.

Milestones and activities

College of Family Physicians of Canada
A workshop on the CHANGE Program has been approved for accreditation and Continuing Medical Education by the College of Family Physicians of Canada, and a link to the MetSC website can be found on their website.

Our  abstract "Results of a Team-based Lifestyle Intervention in Primary Care to Reduce Metabolic Syndrome" was peer reviewed by three highly qualified reviewers appointed by the Family Medicine Forum Research Committee and was selected for presentation at the Family Medicine Innovations in Research and Education Day, November 9, 2016 in Vancouver, as a free standing paper.
Ontario pre-budget recommendations
The success of the CHANGE Program was mentioned in the 2016 Ontario pre-budget recommendations by Leslie Whittington, Ontario Government Relations Coordinator, Dietitians of Canada. MetSC also sent a letter to the Minister of Finance and the Chair of the Standing Committee of Finance and Economic Affairs, recommending the CHANGE Program as a model of care and improved access to registered dietitians and kinesiologists in family health teams.
Canadian Nutrition Society 
The Canadian Nutrition Society / la Société canadienne de nutrition (CNS/SCN) promotes nutrition science and education, and advocates for the application of best practices and policies for the promotion of health and the prevention and treatment of disease. At the CNS January 2016 thematic conference in Toronto, delegates learned the latest information on the role of diet in metabolic syndrome. 

Dr. Khursheed Jeejeebhoy and Rupinder Dhaliwal introduced Metabolic Syndrome Canada (MetSC) and its CHANGE Program to primary care dietitians, university researchers, industry representatives and students in attendance. 
International Congress of Obesity
MetSC’s team poster on “Key Features of Diet Counselling for Metabolic Syndrome in Primary Care” was presented at the congress in Vancouver in May 2016 by Dr. Doug Klein.
Ontario Family Health Team RD conference
MetSC’s Rupinder Dhaliwal will be presenting a session on The CHANGE Program at the 11th Annual Dietitians of Canada Ontario Family Health Team Registered Dietitians Conference in London, ON in September 2016.
International Congress of Dietetics
MetSC’s Dr. Paula Brauer and Dawna Royall will be presenting the poster  “Clinical Diet Counselling for Metabolic Syndrome in Canadian Primary Care” at the congress in Granada, Spain September 2016.
Funding strategy
Fundraising is an important part of any non-profit organization. We are developing our plans for 2017-2018 and will be looking for volunteers to help move our cause forward. If you're interested in helping with our fundraising or government strategy, please get in touch!

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