A big recommendation from Mississauga, Ontario

Looking for a way to jumpstart a healthier lifestyle? Well you may have found it with The CHANGE Program. After learning about some personal health issues I had to address, I was offered an opportunity to participate in this program. Like most, I was a sceptic thinking they couldn’t teach me anything that I didn’t already know. I was wrong!!

It’s an extraordinary opportunity to learn about life management techniques, proper nutrition habits and the power of movement. And most important, you learn from knowledgeable and supportive health and wellness professionals. So did it live up to its name and actually cause me to CHANGE anything? 

Well, I’m much more mindful about what and how much I consume and I’ve also become a well informed shopper at the grocery store. Perhaps the biggest change is that regardless of other tasks and responsibilities, my daily routine now includes at least 30-minutes of vigorous movement. Still not ready to run a marathon but it’s a big improvement over no movement at all.

The CHANGE Program has positively impacted both my mental and physical health and wellbeing and if you are given the opportunity, I would highly recommend that you join.

-Peter, Mississauga, Ontario